Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1912


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DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE Annual Report. Navajo Agency, New Mexico, Narrative. Fort Defiance, Ariz., October 8, 1912. CE OF INDIAN OFFICE TRICIIVID 4 . OCT 14 1912 The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C. Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith my annual report of the agency and schools under my supervision. The present agency buildings are insufficient and we are in need of more cottages for the use of employees. Baths and toilets have been purchased and as soon as they are installed the buildings will be in sanitary condition. The agency shops are poorly equipped; the se shops are used for the training of boys in wheelwrighting, black smithing and carpentry and should be equipped with modern machinery and tools to afford better train ing for the boys. The present force of employees is insufficient. Two farmers, two nurses, hospital cook and male attendant for hospital are needed. The farmers to be located at Lukai Chukai and Wide Ruins. Nurses, hospital cook and male attendant to be located at the agency to help to care for the sick reservation Indians that are admitted at the school hospital. This hospital will ac commodate 40 patients. The present school nur ge is unable to care for reservation patients.

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