Santa Fe Superintendent’s Press Copies of Letters Sent Concerning Pueblo Day Schools, 1900 04


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Banta Fe, No Mo, Aprs: 28, 1900, Bether B. Kert, teacher, San Ildefonso , Hobart, N. Mex. Dear Madem: Your letter of the 16th inst. adaressed to tte Inasan Agent has Nachod me. On April 10th you were aspect sed by sutter to seat all reports and orrieial Gammunications to this orriae: The sending or tals or anyother communication to the Agent te ar itti sense qienos, vui us your information or guidance in future ma i tors allow me to Yo peat that your entire correspondence of an official nature should be * Transassed thre' this orrice. If it is a matter for the Agent' s con sideration it will be pro stay forwarded by me Si meteoAce to a new school hui: ting and quarters for the teacher, I am favorable to the plan, and if the man ratørred to .:: As commodtous quarters for school had toaster the saran w11 na mented by the Government. You should advies with him as te sze, number of rooms, doors, widows, etc. Ver mspectru117, CQ. loreale R supertuteatat ,

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