Santa Fe Superintendent’s Press Copies of Letters Sent Concerning Pueblo Day Schools, 1900 04


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Kako, April 27, 1900, na mom 1 1 emner# MA was, Hete: My letras you was not intended so much in the light Na primand as to inform you your plain diety in the matter of APPARondence. I am sure that no teacher intends to do other than Mghe, 11 my letter may have sounded harsh, 12 caritainiy non tained nothing but what was necessary, cor tu ashers must be told What is expected of them. If I nee not to do this, I too am 11ace to censure. Ali business, correspondence, and orders must saminate from this orries. This does not mean that I am not in sympathy with the Supervising teacher; her business and duty is to carry out the orders af the Supt. in charge a You have no persoal mintions men the Indian Agent, we maps bis to in for anything, nør 10 you report to a w W matears what ever. In vriting you a reprimand, he has plastmtr - ceeded his offia0. Sincs, however, for the present as we, there seems to be a necessity of doing business thro' the Eps, roy Am ainanted to carry out his orders and report to him in the nature reizer for the zia Pueblo. Respectfully , KOCYQ . com

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