Santa Fe Superintendent's Correspondence with Day School Employees, Taos Pueblo, 1914


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Marea 24th , 1914. Indian badustrial School Santa70, New Mexioo Mrs. Alice G. Dwire, . Taos, New Mexico. Dear Madam: I enclose herewith a letter addressed to the governor and to those who sent a petition asking that the Taos children be allowed to go home at once on account of the recent death of two Taos boys. The letter explains itself. Please explain to them that their fears are not well founded, and that we could not grant their request. I take from their letter that the giok boy whom they took from here ased. He had tuberculosis with his bronchit18, and being in a weakened state it is not strange that he died. I trust you will be able to allay their fears and show them that there is no occasion for them to be alarmed any more than usual. Very respectfully, Fs( v). Superintendent. IN

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