Southern Navajo Agency Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR " OFFICE OF INDIAN AFFAIRS ATTENTION: CHECK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE MAILING MONTHLY IN- PATIENT AND DISPENSARY PATIENT REPORT OF HOSPITAL ( A11 questions must be answered by either a figure or a dash) ( Include only the work done within the Hospital Building or attached Dispensary.). ( To cover month ended at midnight on last day of month. Report must be mailed the second day of the following month.). Annual Date... nlı.. through JUA....... 193. 6. State... Nu brdoo. . Agency or jurisdiction... 80. Narado Agong.. Hospital( official name)......... Tobatahs General Hopital. 1. Employees actually on duty ( Contract last day of month:.......... Physicians:( Regular Nurses Others 2. Rated bed capacity of hosp., excl' d bassinets, etc..... 16. Bassinets.. S.. Cribs.. 20.. 3. Beds available for immediate utilization, excl' d bassinets and cribs ( Both empty and occupied) 4. classification of all hospital in- patients: A11 Syph ilis Other V. D. Ob stet rical N. P. other ( 6). -( 7) Cols. 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8 must= Col. 1 Tra 4( a)+ 4( b)- 4() must equal Total| TBC| choma 4( d) in all columns. | N. P.= Neuropsychiatric. ( 1) LL 12). _( 3). ( a) Patients remaining from last month|..... 17.... ( b) Patients admitted.. .. 754.. ( C) Patients discharged... .. 759.. ( d) Patients remaining at end of month _( 8) ... 16.. 598. 605. ..... 9. 5.( a) Patients in hosp. during month... 771.( b) No. of hosp. days during mo. 785?.. ( c) Daily average attendance .. 21. 5. 6.( a) Number of non- Indian_ employees who were in- patients............ Other ( b) No. admitted this month: Non- Indian employees.... .. 5. Other ( C) No. of Indians hospitalized who are not sick, but who are visiting patients 80. 7. Number of employees and others regularly quartered in hospital yo . 8. Total number of" Boarding School" students hospitalized... ( a) No. of B. S. students carried over from previous month... ( b) No. of B. S. students admitted to hospital during this month ( c) Total number of hospital days during month for B. S. students 17 .. Notes on Questions 4( a) and 4b) 1 i ob. pat. alio had SyphIII. FR. it. Aug' F62 Z 1. gen, pat, also had syphilis NPR. Lat. sept. Fiso( Loft beforo Wasserman returned) 23 i T. gen. pat. also had Tbc. NPR. mt. Jan. f576 1 P.. pat. also had Syph. NPR. Lot. May# 726 ( 97382) Notes on Question 4( c). ( 2 1 ob. pat. ent. reb, lart before del. f493 1 ob. pat. ont. Mar, lart before del. 1558 and returned for del. April F621 1 ob. pat. ent. April, left" before del.# 654 and returned for del. av. 4692 1 Ob. pat. ent May left before del.# 712 1 06. patient. June, loft before del. f778

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