Southern Navajo Agency Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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98491 1935 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section VIII Health State Nou Mordeo _ Reservation southern Javajo Agency or Jurisdiction goetben Nereje koservatsa, Ner exico, Tobateht Distret TUBERCUIOSIS deaths during fiscal year 1935, Total number ( List deaths according to age. If age at death is under lyr, show by twelfths). Age Attended Name i/ Tribe at Cause of death | by phy. or| Wnere enrolled death( Specify type of T. B. C.) nurse Yes No RRC PRPIS AFFEEEEFFKof arjon( en! 1/ Number of names listed must check with above Tuberculosis," Total number." Compiled by UEA Verified by Mkuu • u a 30

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