Southern Navajo Agency Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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Male Female Occurring in hospital: Total 10. A11 births, total.. ( a) Live births... ( b) stillbirths( gestation of 7 mos. or more) 11. A11 deaths, exclusive of stillbirths, total. ( a) Deaths under 1 year of age......... ( b) Deaths 1 yr. but under 3 yrs of age... 12. Other specified deaths occurring in hospital: ( a) Maternal deaths.. ( b) Surgical deaths: Total.......... within 48 hours 13. Number of in- patients discharged against advice........... after 48 hours Total Male: Female 14. Number of vaccinations against Smallpox... Number of completed inoculations against: Typhoid.. Diphtheria......... Other diseases( specify)..... 15. Wassermans: Total( Pos.+ Neg. must= total). Positive( New+ 0id must= Positive).. New.. oid... Negative.... 16. Number of thorough physical examinations made in dispensary:| Total Male Female ( See Instructions, Questions 16( a),( b) and( c).). ( a) School examinations, total... ( b) Prenatal, total Inap ( c) General, exclude 16( a),( b), 17( a),( b),( c), and( d), total For Conservation Camp... For all other.... General( 2) Male Total Female | Prenatal ( a) Disposition of patient found ( 1) positive on examination, total.... Under observation or treatment Sent to hospital... Referred to field phy. or nurse.. Refused care or treatment | Pos. Pos . new new Total( 1). Male 2) Female( 3) | Pos. 17. No. of exams. made | To- Posi- Nega- new | To-| Posi- Nega-| new| To-| Posi- Nega-|| in hosp. and disp. tal| tive| tive cases| tal| tive| tive| cases| tal| tive| tive cases by physician for: N. P. R. N. P. R. N. P. R. ( a) Tuber culosis- In- Pat.. . 3. 4 531 4 HO Disp..... ( b) Trachoma- In- Pat... Disp ... ( C) Syphilis- In- Pat... Disp..... ( d) Other V. D.- In- Pat. Disp. 2

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