Southern Navajo Agency Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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98489 1935 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section VIII Health State_ AYUNON CA. _ Agency or jurisdiction& c. Nawazo Name of Hospital or SanatoriumÂș) Qmco HOSPITALS or SANATORIUMS operated during the fiscal year 1935- Continued. Orrek - 175 BY 471 6. Patients remaining at hospital at end of fiscal yr. 1935, tot. Tuberculosis patients... Trachoma patients.. Synhili tic patient. s...... Other Venereal patients.... Other patients.......... 7. Total days attendance of all patients dur. fisc. yr. 1935, tot: Tuberculosis patients..... Trachoma pati ents.... Syphilitic patients.... Other Venereal patients.... Other patients..... 8. Total amount expended for institution, exclusive of new construction 6)....... IL 1728 O 2. Average per diem cost of hospitalization.... 2, 7 3 10. Average cost per patient....... 17, 12 11. Per cent of bed capacity utilized( Base 365 days).... 6/ Base calculation on total cost exclusive of that for new construction.( Repairs are not to be considered as new construction, but alterations and additions are.) INSTRUCTIONS: The numbers indented under the total of each separate group must add to that total. The five items of 4( a) and 4( b) mist equal the five items of 4. The totals of 4( b- 1) and 4( b- 2) end 4( b- 3) must equal the total of 4( b). Unless births, 4( b- 2) und 4( b- 3), to mothers with Syphilis and other Veneral Di seases have the mother' s disease such births should be included in" Other pati ents," under 4( b), and not under" Syphilitic" and" Other Venereal patients," under 4( b), unless infant actually has mother' s disease; therefore, detail under 4( b- 1), 4( b- 2), and 4( b- 3) will not add to the detail under 4( b). Likewise, the detail under 5( a- 1) through 5( a- 5) will not add to the detail under 5( a). 5( a- 1), total, must equal Tuberculosis patients under 5( a). 5( a- 2), Trachoma * 1 5( a), 5( a- 3),""" Syphilitic "" 5( a), 5( a- 4),""" Other venereal"" 5( a), 5( a- 5),","" Other | " 5( a). The total of 5 ani 6 must equal the total of 4. 8: 7 must equal 9. 8: 4 must equal 10. Excl' a= excluding, fisc.= fiscal, pats.= patients, tot.- to tal, yr.= year. ATTENTION: See that all itens check according to above instructions before mailing to this office. Check these 3 pages to the Consolidated Annual Ho spital Report and question 7 to the Hospital Record Sheet. 25

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