Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1934


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Onder 79867 934 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section 1. Extension and Industry. State New Mexico Reservation Tesuque Pueblo. , Agency or jurisdiction Northern Pueblos Agency. Part 1. WELFARE OF INDIANS, Calendar year 1933( continued): 1- Organizations -( continued): Chapter or other industrial organizations for adult Indians: a, Name of each chapter or other organization , with mumber of members in each: Quilting Club. Organized by women of the pueblo. anter er et gautasons are enten au cemeng the ruebla, aan readily noto inadernitas acie tam and treat anderrietan Waterwr Llae Mave organised areation and collectively and in Viduelig Bhea 16 dox Imise propendare , dornite dwea taat o all poweLva erort within the Pueblo Chare ateatae Masai Roewel and Teletous Oblaeson ad dwutlen . There aaneeme Animation should all Tear ur abady Ksd understanding , but o amoasalty bewine tiro, Patience and ympathetie urddoroteasadis b. Number of Indian men and women who belong to county or State term organizations ,... • • • • • • • • • • • — Total number of adult Indians belonging to faria organizations of all kinds............... o. d. Total number of edult Indians not belonging to any farm organization ........ • • • • • • • • Number of adult Indians who won county. or State prizes on agricultural products ... Cei. UU. COL PIOCuCUS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jeff DePrest. Verified by W. N. Hamilton. Compiled by

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