Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1934


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1934 Anual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section III. Land State New Mexico, Reservation San Ildefonso Puebla. Agency or Jurisdiction Northern Pueblos Agency. PART 8. ALLOTMENTS AND LAND, AS OF JANUARY 1, 1934. Year: Month: Day 1. Date reservation was originally established.: 1689 2. How reservation was established- State fully if by treaty, by agreement, by Executive Order, by Act or Acts of Congress, by Purchase, etc. Spanish Grant. NOT APPLICABLE. : Total: Agri- Irri- Graz : all: cultural: gable: ing : land: land: land land Acreage 3, Allotted land alienated through issuance of fee patents, sales, etc., total 3( a) Land held in trust, total..... For living allottees....... For deceased allottees... 3( b) Tribal lands remaining, total... Reserved for use of Agency, School etc... Reserved for use of tribe,....... 4. Allotments- Released from trust by sale, by fee patents, by certificates of com petency, etc., total..... Now held in trust, total.... For living allottocs.... For deceased allottees.. Number of Allotments Complied by _ Verified by 16

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