Zuni Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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91089 1935 Annual Statistical Report office of Indian Affaim Section, Population State - Reservation and Agency or jurisdiction Part 2. SOCIAL STATUS OF INDIAA-( continued): Religious velfare, as of l. 1, 1935: Total Catholic Protestant 1. Mumber of church buildings... 2. Number who attend church... 3. Number of Missionaries... Number of church societies.. 5. Nurnber of Y. M. C. A. members.,... 6. Number of Y. W. C. A. members........ 7. Number of Boy Scout members... 8. Number of Girl Scout members... Number of other societies( Specify).. Cap Ho Grli 9. صام OtPG Compiled by Potr I. Verified by dlung Harlow lydew Alma Farlon Ryder

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