Zuni Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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- 5- NARRATIVT STCTION ANNUAJ RIPORT, 1935 Fomstry, Cont' d. from Fom stry sevings or from T. C.. have been made to purchase now equip ment. The sparse covering of timber and the nature of tha covering eliminates the danger of forest fin hazards. Economic situation The expenditum of P. V. A. and. C.". money on the Mgorvation has- sulted in many permanent improvements and construction of un tola val us. Tha cesh employment of Indians has raisod their standard of living and given thom no w ideals. It would be foolish to expect that anything so ex tensiva as this employment would not msult in somma disappointment to Agency leaders. The most common of which is the growing extrevagance of purchasing automobiles, many of which are usad. ona s, and spanding magas for gasolina while their debts for sustainenca an left unpaid. Some staps should be tekan to get tha Zunis out of thɔ bondage of debt and on a sound economic basis while the opportunity is ham. Tuturm Outlook Tha outlook for the future of the Zuni Indian nə var was brightar. The many improvements made on the reservation in the way of water de valopment, both for stock and irrigation, the construction of wonderful school build ings and an adequate hospitel will be a great esset. The farms are better equipped with tools and machinery. The stock is of the finest blood and breading over on the r9 39rvation. Their homs are comfortable and spacious with each yr er mitnə ssing the construction of at least six new homs and many arm mnovated. Thaga homes have many modern conveniences, mostly in the line of furnishings. Pe correndations perhaps, the greatest nead of the re 39rvation today is the de valopment of water for irrigation. Nothing has ever been done for the Tekapo farm district. Tha Nutria di version dam washed away and must be replaced. The Ojo Caliente project has no ver been completad. Providing the C. C. W. and Roads work may be carried out as planned, the ga noads will be taken cam of. The health program should be given all coopa ration by other departments, a specially in encouraging a more whola sono diot by the usa of more milk and va gatables. Coordinating of all departments on the riservation will, parhaps, de ter mine the success of all m sarvation activities. Zodhaluar T. Ellis Nielson, Acting Supt.

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