Zuni Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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( e) for increased production. Seed is generally saved by the Indians for the succeeding season' s planting. Some new wheat was purchased by the government and sold to the Indians under the reimbursable paln for improving the wheat situation. A small green house is maintained at the school, where garden plants such as cabbage, tomatoes and celery are started for the school garden. ( g) Seed used by the Indians was not tested before planting. They seem to have no difficulty in always securing a good germination of corn without testing. The agency farmers, by going about from place to place, directing and instructing the individual Indians in farming, the Indians of this reservation have now advanced in this work to the extent that they are farming practically as much land as they can care for and harvest. As they acquire a better knowledge of modern methods they will be in a position to handle more land and secure more produce with an expenditure of less effort. 3 20

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