Zuni Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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SECTION IV---- INDUSTRIES. 1 . The advancement of the Indians of this jurisdiction, industrially, is given first consider ation. Very encouraging results are shown. The moral advancement will necessarily be more slow but will follow after the Indians get accustomed to living in the more civilized manner. ( a) The school and agency farms this year have given about the same results with several pre vious years, excepting that on the agency farm a much larger acreage of alfalfa is being grown. On the reservation improvement is still apparent among the Indians as to the number of acres cul tivated and the methods used, as well as the yield secured. ( b) No new crops were introduced during the year. ( c) The wheat crop was seriously affected by smut. This perhaps was to some extent due to the warm, rainy weather during the growing season. Most of the seed for the coming year was scientif ically treated to overcome this trouble. ( a) Perhaps one half of the products of the farms were marketed, being sold to traders and others. The prices prevailing were fair. There is, and will be, fair prospects for a good outlet 19

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