Zuni Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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The Boarding school efficiency would be greatly improved by substantially raising the salary of the advanced teacher and filling this position by a person of experience and exe cutive ability. In this way we would get a man competent to perform the duties of principal. The Day School is still struggling along with practically no buildings worthy of the name excepting a school building. A building for use as laundry, bath, toilet and work room for the girls in sewing is urgently needed. Also a principal teacher' s cottage and an employees cot tage. A sewer iė needed to take care of the waste from the school and thus avoid great danger to the health of the pupils now existing. 11.( a) The offiosenoy, loyalty and co- operation existing among employees have been very good. If proper accomodation for the housing of om ployees was attended to, it would no doubt add considerably to their contentment and welfare. ( b) The relationship existing between the school and the public school authorities is good. 16

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