Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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2T da Burned 14/ 12 Diarrhea 1935 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section VIII Health La pp State Arizona - Reservation Agency or Jurisdiction Lau pp AGency Deaths, excluding stillbirths, from ALL OTHER CAUSES( excluding Tuberculosis, Syphilis and Other Venereal Diseases) during fiscal year 1935, Total number ( Arrange deaths alphabetically by cause and under each cause list consecutively according to age at death. If age at death is under l yr. show by twelfths) | Age | Attended Name 1 Tribe at Cause of death by phy. or Where enrolled | death _ nurse LYes No. 1 Unnamed Navajo Leupp Agency 2. Bah. 15/ 12t Burns 3 Phillip Curley 10yrs Accidental 4 Chee Begay | 5yrs Cancrum oris 5. Adszan Begay 29yrstChildberth 6 Jimmie Chee. 7 Nakai Yazzie 8 Luke Binalli. 14 yis Encephalitis двdan- de 15yes Remorrhage, lung 10tiereld Bitah les Myocarditis 70 11BKinda Chisi 12" Adzan Kilt chee 81 13. Yeta Ya Chee Meningitis 14 Charlie Yazzie Pneumonia 15 Bah Bitsi 16. Olen Johnson 18 17 Edith Dabb 32 18. Asdzan Souie 40 n 10 Juliette Dabb Septicemia 2ó Wilma Thompson 21 Adzan_ Cody 79 Sentity 22 Patsy Wesley Premature 23. Unnamed Stillborn 24 innamed 25 Asdzan Belone 48 26. Willet Thompson 26 Tuberculosis 27 Unnamed 2 wk$. Unknown 1) Number of names listed must check with above from All other Causes," Total numbers. Compiled by EHzabeth Denniston, Ove33 Verified by tWI 19 et sda. 6da .

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