Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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1935 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section VIII Health FFIGE JOL 15 , 1935 S OF VAAK CEIVED State Arizona _ Agency or Jurisdiction Leupp Agency. Name of Hospital or Sanatorium -- Leupp Indian HOSPITAL or SANATORIUI . IS operated during the fi scal year 1935:( Send one copy of the Consolidated Annual Hospital Report and one lo spits . Record Sheet, and see that appropriate items check with this report. y 1. Class 1/._ S& A_ official capacity ( beds_ 28 Daté constructed Fall 1926 ( bassinetsi 2. Material ( Brick, frame, etc.)_ Stone 3. Hospital record of In- Patients for fiscal year 1935 2/: 4. To tal number of patients in hospital during fiscal year 1935: 1016 V. Tuberculosis patients.. Trachorne patients.. Syphili . tic patients ..... Other Venereal patients...... Other patients . w............ 4( a). Total patients carried over from June 30, 1934.... Tuberculosis patients..... Trachoma patients. Syphilitic patients..... Other Venereal patients.... Other pati ents...... 4( b). Total patients admitted during fiscal year 1935... Tuberculosis patients..... Trachoma patients..... Syphilitic pati ents..... 3 W Other Vernereal patients... Other patients...... 968 / 4( b- 1). As new patients,( excl' d all births) Tot. 3/ 1999 [ See instructions bacit Tuberculosis patients.... of page 23 and on Trachoma patients..... 36 v page 25] Syphili tic patients... Other Venereel patients..... Other patients.... 4( b- 2). Li ve births in hospital, total.. To Syphilitic mc ther' s..... To other Venereal mothers..... To other mothers...... 4( b- 3). Stillbirths in hospital, total.. To Syphili tic no tiers.... To other Venereal mothers,... To other mothers...... 1/ classes: A= Agency; S= School; S enä A- School and Agency; San.= Sanatorium San. S- Sanatorium School; O= Other. Use separate pages for each hospital. 2/ Monthly In- Patient and Di spensary Patient Reports of Ho spital for the fiscal year 1935 are to be the basis for the figures on these three pages and must agree with hospital yearly totals. See that the two reports check all ſicures. 3 Includes patients returned from leave. ( over) 23 _ 10117 36 v 3. V 956 . 12 .

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