Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1935


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91089 Office of Indian Affairs 1935' Annual Statistical Report Section l Population: State Arizona Reservation Leupp urisdiction Leupp School& Agenay Tribe Navajo- Oneida. Change in residence from 1934 Census Roll to 1935 Census Roll: Total Male Female b. No. 1. Additions, total( From 1935 Census Roll) Indians residing - At Jurisdiction where enrolled.. At another Jurisdiction Elsewhere..... No. 2. Deductions, total( F' 2oia 1934 Census Ro11) Indians residing- At Jurisdiction where enrolled.. At another Jurisdiction El sevhere ....... Only Indians enrolled both in 1934 and 1935 who have changed their residence since April 1, 1934, ere to be entered on page 3. If Indians on the 1934 Census Roll on April 1, 1934 are still on the roll on January 1, 1935 but have changed their residence, a list of such changes must be given by name and Census Number showing the old residence- resiåing at juris diction where enrolled, residing at another jurisdiction or residing elsewhere. The new residence must also be given according to the same groupings. The totals of the old residence must be sho imi on page 3 under" deductions" appropriate stub, and the new residence on page 3. under" Additions" appropriate stub. See sample on back of page. Please use this form. The total" Additions" and the total" Deductions" must equal as they are the same Indians with just a change in residence. Pages 2 and 3 added to and deducted from the 1934 population must equal page 4, all columns and be the population reported for the 1935 Census. All colurans must check. Pages must be made for the reservation as a whole and each tribe and combina tion of tribes on the reservation. 1. 3 ( over)

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