Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1934


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1934 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section IV. Miscellaneous State Arizona Reservation Leupp Agency or jurisdiction Ieupp Part 9. LAW AND ORDER, for Calendar Year 1933: Court cases 1Arrested| Convicted Di smissed Pending Penalties imposed on Fines paid by | Ind. Oth.| Ind.| Oth.| Ind.| Oth.| Ind. Joth. Indian Other | Indian | Other Yr. Mo. Day| Fine| Yr. Mo. Day Fine Total kes, Court... State Court.. Federal Court Humber of Arrests Charge Property Oth. E seized Court Sentence Ind. Res. Court 2nd degree murder Sta te 12 to 5 years u o{ Selling liquor to Federal Indians 16 pending Federal Court St Res.- Reservation. Yr.- Year. Mo.- Month. Pa.( Check if fine paid) s( Check if fine served) Ind.- Indian Oth.- Other. · 17

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