Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1934


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· 79867 1934 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section 1. Extension and Industry State_ Arizona -- Reservation LeuDD Agency or jurisdiction LeupD bop Part 3. TRADES, PROFESSIONS, AND INDUSTRIES, calendar year, 1933: A- Indians engaged in trades, professions, and industries for themselves( not hired by others): Compiled by — Verified by.-- Type of work Number Quantity Value of product engaged Unit Production for the year Total. Basket making and reed work..... Beadwork( including bone& stone) $ 50. 00 Blanket and rug weaving.. 300 69, 071. 75 Lace making .......... Silver and shell work... 20 1, 492, 70 Bark crafts..... Leather crafts.... Wood crafts.. Pottery .... Fishing........... Cutting and selling wood and timber. Farming .... 375. _ 26, 396. 20 Stockraising...... 360. 36, 267. 46. Others( specify by name). Ps 25. 00 opop B- Indians engaged in trades, professions, and industries, hired by othens: Type of work Number engaged Yearly earnings Total... clerical or office work.. Professionsl, total. Artists ,...... Actors in pageants, etc.. Musicians ,..... Other professional. Skilled.. Unskilled.... Others( specify by neme) 15. 000, 00

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