Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1934


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79867 Office of Indian Affairs 1934, Anual Statistical Report Section 1. Extension and Industry. State Arizona Reservation LeuDD. Agency or jurisdiction Leupp Part 2, SOCIAL STATUS OF INDIANS: Home and families reported during the calendar year 1933: pasangan its.* 1. Total number of families on reservation 1 385 2.. Nümber of families living in permanent homes 3. Number of families whose homes have wood floors 4. Number of families who live in tents, tepees, or temporary homes • • • • 5. Number of new homes built during the calendar year.. 6. Number of homes where repairs or improvements were made during the calendar year ESTES Compiled by _ Verified by. / Questions 2 through 6 should not add to question 1, as the same family may be included in a number of the questions.

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