Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1932


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Agricultural Development, We are encouraging the Indians to enter into farming more and more and this til enable them to do with fewer sheep and at the same time give them a better and more vari ed living. The Indians appreciate this fact and our farming acreage is becoming inorea sed every year. Demonstrations will be held on the reservation as to proper planting methods, fencing of their faras eto. The Indians apparently have a natural aptitude for this work and with instruction and encouragement from field employees should do more and better farming each year. In this connection weed destroying campaigns will be held and other constructive programs carried out. The Use of Lands, It is planned to use all available land as heretofore. If more land can be secured for the Indians, through the proposed exchange, it will greatly relieve the shortage of good grazing land now available. Health. Plans Dr the coming year include a branching out, in so far as possible, of all our past activities. It is planned to increase the clinic work and the family to family calls of the field murses. This work must of necessity however be increased as the Indians become more dependent on the help of the field nurses and the local hospital and lose their prejudice aga inst our aid. In the past most of the Indians would call the" medicine man" first, however, more of them are now coming direct to the field nurses and the hospital for aid and not calling in the" medicine men". It is planned for the Field nurse to hold regular classes with the girls in the higher grades and teach them many health aids and they will influence their parents to accept the assistance be ing offered them. Edu cation. It is planned to contime the grades we now have and give the pupils every opportunity that our school and equipment affords to secure a good elementary education. Boy Scout and like activities are being constantly increased and it is believed that organizations of this kind assist greatly in getting the boys and girls to express themselves and abolish their backwa rdness toward their white associates. Our graduates have been and will be encouraged and urged to go

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