Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1932


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Section 5. Program for the Coming Yeari Industrial Development . It is our plan to go ahead for the coming year along the lines already outlined . The Indians will be eno u raged to reduce the number of their sheep and concentrate on Improving their livestock so that an equal or better income will be derived from fewer animals and in this manner the range can be increased . We will develop more wells and increase the water supply to the fullest possible extent as this is the greatest need of the Navajo people. Crops will be increased and the Indians encouraged to use a greater variety of farm products. It is believed that this work will be enthusiastically entered into by the Indians as they have taken more and more interest in their farming. Our fair was hardly over until they were making plans for the next one. Welfare and Social Conditions . Every effort will be made to improve the welfare and social conditions of our Indians. The development of more water will assist them greatly in improving their living conditions . As the reservation is alreaảy supporting more Indians than can properly be cared for, it is our aim to encourage the students all through their school life to go on with their education in order that they may be able to hold a position in the outside world and not have to return to the reservation for a livelihood . It is qui te evident that the older generation now living on the reservation will not be able to make a living elsewhere . However, if we can influence more of the students to go ahead, while no doubt some will come back to the reservation , we will be able to prevent the reservation becoming so heavily populated that it will be impossible for many to make a living at all. It is encouraging to no te that mo re pupils wish to stay at the Agency during the summer months and work rather than go back to their ho gans. While most of them want to visit their folks for a short time, they do not want to go back to the hogan to live. There is no doubt but that proper feeding and care of the pupils, while attending the boarding school, has a great deal to do with this attitude.

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