Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1932


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veloped" Eco ivo ott volta oso era Tewdod Cornelopment range seditionisation until the tradita en ( D) Welfare and social conditions. 1. Boonomio Status: Economic conditions of the Indians during the year have not been distressing. They have required some assistance because of the lack of market and low prices of wool and sheep. Gratui tous issues have been made in cases where the need was indicated. The greater portion of the assistance rendered has been return for labor. The constant need for additional water development and the necessity for relieving the over- crowded condition of the range received attention. These are two of the most important factors in the economis welfare of the Indians and they should Go ntinue to receive attention until the available water supply is developed to the fullest extent possible and the livestock on the range reduced to a number which can be properly supported. 2. Family Conditions. It does not appear that family conditions among the Nava jos can be greatly improved so long as the present type one ro om " hogan" is used. The services of the medical staff can render some assistance by teaching the benefits of cleanliness and This, however, is very difficult with the present limited water supply. Permanent hom es cannot be constructed in an appreciable number unless water is developed and then it would be questionable until the superstitions with regard to death and evil spirits are overcome. The present type" hogan" in many cases serves for only a temporary shelter consisting of one room with no windows and only one door. This provides no privacy and without floors cleanliness is difficult if not impossible. Many of the Indian women de serve a great deal of credit for the condition of the ir" hoga ns" and they, no doubt, would keep a house clean and neat. 3. Law and Order. Lawlessness and disorder have been rare on the reservation during the past year. The few cases of domestic trouble have been handled by the Indian court. Cases of stealing or similar offenses have been satisfactorily dis po sed of through the State Courts.

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