Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1932


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Section 1. Industrial Development and Welfare and Social conditions , ( 4) Industrial Development . 1. On the Reservation . Due the excessive overgrazing in years. gone by and to constant erosion much of the reservation is waste land. Constant efforts are being put forth to improve the range by the reduction of the number of livestock owned by the Indians . If this is accomplished , it will be necessary to improve the he rås so as to increase the wool clip and the weight of the animals in order that the reduction in numbers will not materially decrease the inc one of the Indians . Ra nge con trol is an essential feature of range improvement and this work, while in an experimental stage, is being carri ed on in connection with the improvement of herds. Orr the Reservation ( employment ) Due to the financial condition of the country duri ng the past year it has been extremely difficult , if not im possible , to dtain employment for the Indians off the reser vation. To offset this condition we have provided employment on the reservati on to the greatest possible extent. This employment has been a direct benefit to the Indians both individually and collectively in that the greater portion of the work was on projects which were beneficial to the tribe as a whole.

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