Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1929


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ANNUAL REPORT NARRATIVE; Section I Law and Order At the present time this jurisdiction is greatly in need of Agency Buildings, particularly cottages for the housing of agency employees. While plans have not yet been completed, it is hoped that it will be possible in the near future to construct quarters at Red Lake for a farmer, and also repair or rebuild the stockman' s quarters at Castle Butte. Plans should also be made for providing quarters for a stockman or farmer at Indian Wells. Indications become stronger each year that it will be necessary for the Indians to reduce their flocks, due to the greatly over grazed condition of the Reservation, and this reduction will make it necessary for the Indians to give more attention to farming. While farming among the Nava jos is not a new venture, if it is to be carried on with success upon a larger scale, encouragement and assistance should and must be given them, if they are to make a success of it. By this I do not mean that the Nava jos need to be taught how to farm, but they do need encouragement, and it is for this purpose that additional employees will be required. Consideration should be given to the establishment in the near future of at least two positions of fermer. We have not experienced any difficulty during the past year in maintaining proper order upon the Reservation. There have been a few minor cases of trouble among the Indians, but these have been promptly and satisfactorily settled in the Indian Court. I do not know of any crimes or offenses of a serious nature that have been committed by our Indians or against them. As stated in the preceding pe ra graph, such cases as have occurred have been handled in our Indian Court. I do not know of any additional legislation required at the present time. During the winter months our Indians indulged quite frequently in the old Indian dances, these usually being held to cure 11lness. It is not believed that any damage is being done morally, and I am of the opinion that it does not tend to retard the advancement of the of terme ve not intetiningar ce

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