Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1929


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31165 STATISTICAL SECTION V.- Continued. Part 1. Welfare of Indian- Continued. 1. Organizations- Continued. 2. Chapter or other industrial organizations for adult Indians: a. Name of each chapter or other organization, with number of members in each: Name of Chapters No, of members Canyon Diablo 250 Red Lake 200 Bird Spring 300 Castle Butte Indian Wells 239 Cedar Spring 200 ܝܙܟܬܗܛ ܗ 500 Total - 1689 b. Mumber of Indian men and women who belong to county or state farm organizations... none... c. Total number of adult Indians belonging to farm organizations of all kinds..... none none d. Total number of adult Indians not belonging to any farm organization... e. Mumber of adult Indians who won county or State prizes on agricultural products... none 22

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