Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1929


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* b b Sept. LeUPP keng OCT- 1 1929 Dear Mr. Baları ile go 18 or the health rectton of the ammuil statistical Toport Is gala being returned to you for correction. The total as shown in the second columna entitled" Coveragent Hospital Costa" mot be equal to that shown on page 12 or must be in excess of it. On Page 12 you have shown the cost of your hospital to be$ 12, 350, and on page 18. you show it to be$ 3, 086. Please correct page 28. laiddletely for use in connection with hearings before the Burean of the Budget. sincerely youri, ( Signed) C J. RABA 9 GP 50 INITIALING COPY - FOR FILE

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