Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1929


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30654 Jurisdiction State, 8. Vaccination and Inoculation. 1. Mumber of Indians vaccinated against smallpox.. 167 2. Mumber of Indians vaccinated against typhoid fever.. 3. Number of Indian children given todo- antitodo mixture for immunity against diphtheria..... 4. Mumber of other inoculations or vaccinations... 40 L 47 614 1. Hospitals. • ( Classes: A-- Agency; B-- School; C-- Agency and School; D-- Sanatorium; E-- Asylum or othere.) 1. Mumber Class a Capacity 50 bed Date constructed_ 1927 Material( Brick, Frame, etc.) 2. Record of patients for fiscal year.* Remaining June 30, 1928,-- Admitted during current fiscal year,- 623 Total number treated in hospital, 626. Discharged during fiscal year,-- Died during fiscal year,-- Remaining at close of fiscal year, Totals,------ 1878 3. Number of hospital days' treatment--- 710.. 7110 4. Total expended for institution, exclusive of new construction**$ 12, 350.- 5. Average per diem cost of hospitalization of patients---- * When there is more than one hospital use separate page for each. ** Base calculation on total cost exclusive of new construction.( Repairs are not new construction, but alterations and additions are.) 12

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