Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1925


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768 STATISTICAL. Indian Schools. Reservation. Total manu Section VI.-- Forestry-- Contimmed. LA1 pp Leiop 5. humber of private sawmills on the reservation factured by them ( Board feet.) ( a) Present value---$. 6. Number of Government sawmils on reservation ----- Present value---- ( e) Production for current year( not in value): Lath Lumber -- Shingles Totel value all products 7. humber of employees in forestry work ( a) Total cost of operation for one year-- N- O- P--- A- P- P- L$ C. A. B. LE. 8. Total amount of timber cut during the current fiscal year: ( A) Under contract from allotted lands--( B) Under contract from unallotted lands ( 2)( 2) ( 3) ( 4) Amount. Stumpege Amount. Stumpage ( a) By Indians-- value. value. Number feet B. li------ Number poles.--- Number fence posts Cords firewood Cords pulp wood ( 2) Ey other persons Number feetB. M.- Number poles Nuniber fence posts-- Cords firer70od Cords pulp wood $ $ ---.-. - 27

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