Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1925


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STATISTICAL. 768 Section III.-- Health-- Continued. Jurisdiction. State. 17. Insanity: Males. Females. Total. Record of insane Indians belonging to jurisdiction.. Q.. Treated in Canton Asylum ............... Treated in other institutions ... O............. Treated on reservation 9....... Receivingi no treatment 9. Total, 18. Hospitals.* ( classes-- A, Agency; B, School; C, Agency and School; D, Sanatorium; E, Asylum or others.) ( a) Number_... Class.... Capacity.... Date Estimated..... Materials... ( Brick, frame, etc.) ( b) Record of patients for fiscal year.* Remaining June 30, preceding fiscal year Admitted during current fiscal year 693. Total number treated in hospital Discharged during fiscal year ------ 689. Died during fiscal year- Remaining at close of fiscal year.-- Totals, 659. 19. Number of hospital days' treatment 5962 .--- 20. Total expended for institution, exclusive of new con struction.** 21. Average per diem cost of hospitilization of patients--- 22. Number of babies born alive in hospital during year--- None.. 23. Number of stillbirths in hospital during year-- . None..... - 2 - 695. * When there is more than one Hospital use separate page for each. ** Base calculation on total cost exclusive of new construction,( Repairs are not new construction, but alterations and additions are.) - 6-

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