Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1925


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STATISTICAL. 768 Section III.-- Health-- Continued. Jurisdiction. State. Prevalence of disease: Number of Indians examined for disease...- 7. Males. Females. Total. 330--- 27o... 600. Est Males. Females. Total. 8. Mumber of cases of tuberculosis, all forms, found. Pulmonary Glandular Bone Other forms --- 2 d Total, 10 9. 2. 5% Percentage of positive findings of number examined Estimated number of cases of tuberculosis in total population---- ( To be arrived at through application of percentage figures of 9.) 36 11. Humber of cases of trachoma found among Indians examined for disease---- 14 2. 2% 13 . 52 12. Percentage of positive findings of number examined-- Estimated number of cases of trachoma in entire population.( See No. 11 for method of arriving at estimate.)----- 14. Number of tuberculous patients treated during fiscal year----- 15. Number of trachomatous patients treated Males. during fiscal year--- 17 Females. Total. 3 16. Muriber of cases veneral diseases treated during fiscal year - 5-

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