Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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O O STATISTICAL. ( Lotta.) SECTION X.-- GovERNMENT PROPERTY. Annual Report..-- - Indian School. Reservation. PROPERTY UNDER YOUR JURISDICTION BELONGING TO THE UNITED STATES. 1. School property: Name or number of school. ( List each school separately, for which extra sheets are sent, and letter the succeeding sheets a, b, c, etc.) ( a) School lands — Total value. O TluedyGTO PET PO. ( b) Buildings --------- number of buildings at total value of... ( c) Heating and power plante --. separate plants, supplying------------- buildings. ( d) Lighting system( kind.. ( e) Water system( kind... ( 1) Sewer system( kind.. ( 8) Total value of items b, c, d, e, and f( same must agree with the figures reported by you on Forms 5- 366 and 5- 366a).-- ( b) Value of furniture and fixtures.. ( i) Value of supplies on hand or in storehouse. ( i) Value of equipment for industrial education, in shops, laundries, etc..-- ( k) Value of live stock... ( 1) Value of agricultural implements. ( m) Value of tools and implements of other kinds... ( n) Value of miscellaneous property.-- ( 0) Total value of all property belonging to this school( total of items a, g, h, i, j, k, 1, m, and n)-- o The total acreage and value of school lands in queries 1, pages 46 and 46 lettered, must agree with figures reported in columns( 1) and( 3). query 11( O), page 17. The total value of stock in queries( k), pages 46 and 46 lettered, must agree with value reported in column 4, query 44, page 29.

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