Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. 45 SECTION VIII. โ€” SALES โ€” Continued. 1923 Annual Report.... ( Year .) Leupp Indian School. LeupP .. Reservation. 10. Number of Indians who now have patente in fee for part or entire allotment. ( a) Acreage thereof... ( b) Value thereof.. 11. Living allotted Indians who have received patente in fee for their entire allotment.. 12. Total number living allotted Indians.. 13. Total all living Indians under your supervision. 980 SECTION IX. โ€” RecORDS. 1. Give a statement showing area and description of all lands on the reservation reserved during current year for any pur pose, date reserved, authority for reservation, organization for whom reserved, purpose of reservation, description of the land by legal subdivisions, sections, etc., and the area thereof. ( 1) ( 3) Date reserved. Purpose. ( 4) ( 5) ( 6) ( 2) Authority for reservation. Organization. Description. Area. Value. NONE 2. Town sites on reservation established to date: ( 1) Date of establishment. ( 3) Authority for establishment. Description. ( 4) Area. NONE a The number of Indians unallotted and allotted should agree with those in query 1( e), page 15. 6 These figures must agree with those reported in column( 9), query 9( i), page 16.

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