Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION VII. — IRRIGATION Continued. Lotpp Leupp " Indian School Reservation. 3. Number of irrigation structures on reservation: Kinds. ( 1) Concrete. Masonry. Timber. Earth. Steel. ( 6). Total. Diversion damo... Storage dama.-- Total dama Headgates ---- Drops Chutes Flumes- Checke Waste gates.... Division boxes. Bridges- Culverts Siphons. 4. What is the rainfall in inches on your reservation? Inches. Inches. ( a) January.--- ( b) February- ( c) March.... ( d) April...-- ( e) May-- ( f) June... ( g) July. ( b) August... ( i) September. ( i) October. ( k) November.. ( 1) December.. an Est ( m) Total for year... 5. Acreage and value of crops raised on irrigated lands: BY INDIANS. ( 1) Acгезge. BY WHITES. ( 1) Value of Acreage. product. Value of product. |* ( a) Allotted land.. ( b) Unallotted land. ( C) School land. ( d) Agency land..-- 50 150 ( e) Total all lands. a This sum is the value of products raised by irrigation, and should never exceed the value reported in query 31, page 26.

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