Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION VI. — FORESTRY — Continued. Leupp Leupp Indian School. Fire Beport: - Reservation. Class and number. B, 6 C. Total. A. a ENTIRE PAGE INAPPLICABLE 11. Fires originating on unallotted lando. 12. Fires originating on allotted lands inside of reservation boundaries.. 13. Fires originating on allotted lands outside of reservation boundaries.- 14. Fires originating outside of reservation boundaries and on non- Indian lands. Total number of fires.. Railroad. Lightning. Incendiary. Brush burning. Campers. Sawmills. | Unknown. Miscella neous. Total. 15. Causes of all fires reported. 16 . -- Damage from all fires: Area burned over. Damage to timber, reproduction, and forage. d Location of fires. Timber destroyed or damaged. Timbered. Open. Total. Reproduc | tion value. Forage value. Total value. M B. F. Value. Acres. Acres. Acres. On unallotted lands. On allotted lands inside of reservation boundaries- On allotted lands outside of reservation boundaries.. Total 17. Cost of fighting all fires: Division of cost. Temporary labor. Guard and ranger labor. Tools, supplies, transportation, etc. Total cost. Value of cooperation. On unallotted lands... On allotted lands.-- Total a Under Class A include camp fires and other small fires covering not more than a few square rods. b Under Class B include small forest fires extinguished without special expense and covering generally not over 5 acres. c Under Class C include large fires requiring extra help and expense. d The amount and value of damaged cordwood may be included with the timber on a ratio of 1 cord= 500 B. F.

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