Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V. — INDUSTRIES — Continued. LeupR. Leupp ... Indian School. -- Reservation. 49. Stock purchased during current fiscal year: For Gov FOR INDIANS. TOTAL. Number. Value. Number. Value. Number. Value. ( 4) Boare ( b) Bulls.. ( C) Calves ( d) Cows.. ( e) Geldings- NO STOCK OF ANY KIND PURCHASED. ( E) Goats ( 8) Heifers.. ( h) Hogs-- NOTHING TO REPORT. ( i) Jacks ( i) Mares- () Mules. ( 1) Oxen. ( m) Pigs- ( n) Ponies ( 0) Rams. ( P) Sheep-. ( q) Stallions. ( r) Steers... ( 8) Other kinds Total value--------- a Stock shown in these columns should agree with stock purchased as shown on abstracts A and B quarterly property accounts, with exception of animals purchased for subsistence. b Stock purchased by or for Indians with personal or individual or reimbursable funds, or for issue to Indians with Government funds.

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