Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V. — INDUSTRIE8 – Continued. Leupp Indian School. עס Lou .. Reservation. Distribution and character of land: 11. Reserved for school: ( 3) Acrongo. Value par saro. Total value. ( a) Agricultural, now irrigated. ( b) Agricultural, not irrigated but susceptible thereof and for which there is apparent water supply---- ( C) Agricultural, irrigation unnecessary-- Total agricultural land( total of a, b, and c). EMTIRE PAGE INAPPLICABLE ( e) Grazing( open country)- ( E) Grazing( swamp)--. ( 8) Timber land covered with pasture grass.. ( h) Total grazing land( total of e, f, and g)- ( i) Swamp, nongrazing--- ( i) Timber land not covered with pasture grass ( k) Mineral land.. ( 1) Valuable for other purposes.. ( m) Unfit for any purpose. ( n) Total, all classes( total of d, h, i, j, k, l, and m)-------- a These figures must show the total acreage and value, respectively, of lands reserved for school purposes, and must be equal to the sum of acreage tod value of school lands reported in query 1, pages 46 and 46 lettered.

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