Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION IV.- SCHOOLa Continued. פ Loup -- Indian School. LegPP. Reservation. 13. Report on school libraries for the current fiscal year: Number of books in library at Number of books purchased end of last fiscal year. during current fiscal year. Circulation. Name of school. Text Text and refer ence. Amount expended during fiscal year. and Litera Fiction. Total. ture. refer enco. Litera Fiction. Total. Literar Fiction. Total. ture. ture. ( 1) |( 2) |( 3) |( 4)|( 6)|( 6)|( 7)|( 8)|()|( 10)|( 11) ( 12) Leupp Boarding bee o 1 10 132 7o lo 7 o o o$ 5. 60 122 lo | 10 132 7 560 Total.. a This should include text and reference books actually placed in the school library and not the text and supplementary books used in the class room every day.

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