Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION IV.- SCHOOLS-- Continued. Leupp Indian School. LeupR. ... Reservation. 11. Indian children who are ineligible to attend schools for normal children, because of mental or physical defect: Disease or defect. Name of pupil. Tra Tuber culosis. choma. Im. paired Blind. Vision. Deaf and mute. | Crip pled. | Incor- Feeble rigible. minded Insane. Others( name them). Malteen Be ga Daughter Malteen Bega Niede Chall Bega Son Bị Lanh Bega Son AttaiKai Badani son B1 Lani Bitat Rua Bell Beges Sam Slow talker Heart 8.. W111ie Baxter Weak Heart lu. James Thorpe Stanley Yazzie 11. 12. Dan Weak Heart 13. Samuel Red Cap Ya She 14.. 15... 16... 17. 18.. Total... Note.- Indicate the disease or defect of the pupil by marking( x) in designated column.

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