Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION IV. — ScrOOLS. Annual Report... 1923 ( Yoar.) LOUPP . Indian School. מסט Le .. Reservation. 1. Number of children under your jurisdiction, including those away at other schools, from 5 to 18 years of age, both included: Formales. TSRI. 215 156 371 2. Number of these incapacitated for attendance at school by reason of – Total. 11 ( a) III health. Males. Females. ( b) Mental defect. ( C) Physical defect.. ( d) Marriage. 0 Females. Total . 207 359 ( e) Absence or other reasons.. Total. 8 12 3. Number of children eligible for school attendance: ( 1) Males. 152 4. Capacity, total enrollment, average attendance of Indians of your jurisdiction in different schools( not including Indians from other jurisdictions enrolled in your schools): ( Account here for all the children under your jurisdiction, showing the schools, by names, in which these children are enrolled.) Government schools: ( a) Nonreservation boarding b – ( 1). Haskell Institute Total enrollment. Sherman Institute Total. a Sum of these figures must equal total ineligible children reported on page 12. b Not to be filled by superintendents of nonreservation schools.

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