Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION III. — HEALTH- Continued. Leupp........... Indian School. LeUpp . Reservation. 15. How many of the Indians belonging to your jurisdiction are insane? ( 1) Males. ( 2). Females. Total ( 4) Treated at Canton Asylum. 0 ( b) Treated at other institutions.. ( C) Treated on the reservation.. ( a) Receiving no treatmen ( e) Total- Hospitals: on reserva 16... Leupp school. and.. Agency........ ( Insert school, agency, sanatorium, or asylum.) ( a) Character of construction( brick, frame, etc.).---------- Stone. ( b) Maximum capacity of( hospital or sanatorium).. ( C) Number of Indians remaining in institution June 30, preceding fiscal year... ( d) Number of Indians admitted during the current fiscal year. ( e) Total number treated during the current fiscal year.. 47. ( f) Number discharged during the current fiscal year.- ( g) Number of deaths in institution during the current fiscal year.. ( h) Total discharged and died during the current fiscal year. 47 ( i) Number of Indians remaining in institution June 30, current fiscal year. 16j. Total number hospital day' s treatment during year. 16k. Total cost of institution during year.. 161. Total cost per day per patient( exclusive only of new construction).. 16m. Number of Indians under your jurisdiction who were given treatment for venereal diseases.----- 201 as... 240. 5. $ 13. a This should include pay of einployees, subsistence, repairs, and all other incidental expense necessary for its proper conduct and management, except new construction.

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