Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION II.- LAW AND ORDER- Continued. . Indian School. Leypp. Lonру Reservation. TRAFFIC IN INTOXICANTS AMONG INDIANS. By Indians. B, Skitos. Tota. 7.( 4) Cases of introduction- 0 ( b) Cases of sale, gift, barter, etc.. Total. CrtıZENSHIP ATTAINED THROUGH MILITARY OR NAVAL SERVICE. ( a) Number of Indian soldiers and sailors who have attained citizenship under the Act of Congress cited in Indian Office Circulars No. 1587 and 1618.. ( On the reverse side of this sheet give their names, allotment numbers, date when, and place where they were so admitted to citizenship.) 8. Number of missionaries working among the Indians under your supervision: Denomination. Number. Presbyterian Total. Number. 9. Number of church buildings among the Indians under your supervision: Denomination. Presbyterian ( one kestroyed by fire) Total 10. Number of Indians under your supervision who are church members, or have been baptized, or attend church services. Number. Presbyterian 146 Denomination. Total 146

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