Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION II. — LAW AND ORDER. Annual Report.. 1923 Loapp Leupp - Indian School. Reservation. By tribal custom. ( 2) By legal Total. 1. Give the number of marriages by Indians under your supervision during the current fiscal year: ( 1) procedura. ( a) Between Indians and whites... ( b) Between citizen Indians. ( c) Between citizen and noncitizen Indians. ( d) Between noncitizen Indians.. Total... ၀၀၀ ( e) 2. Number of plural marriages by Indians: ( 2) Total existing June 30, current fiscal year... ( b) Number contracted during current fiscal year.. 3. Number of Indian married couples divorced or separated: ( a) By proper legal procedure... ( b) Without legal procedure.. ( c) Total.. 4. Crimes committed( not to include drunkenness or other misdemeanors): Character. ( 1) By Indians. ( 2) By whites on reservation. Total. Total.. 5. Arrests for drunkenness 6. Misdemeanors committed( not to include cases of drunkenness): Character. ( 1) By Indians. By whites on reservation, ( 3) Total. Total

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