Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1921


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STATISTICAL. SECTION VII. — IRRIGATION. Annual Report..-- breaID -- Indian School - Reservation. ( FOR RESERVATIONS WEBT or 100ra MERIDIAN.) 1. Give data regarding irrigable area of your reservation as outlined below: ( 1) () , Allotted land Unaliotted ( acres). land( acres). School' land ( acres). Agency land ( acres). ( 5) Total ( acres). ( a) Total area susceptible of irrigation and for which there is apparent water supply, including that under project-- ( b) Area under projects approved or investigated... ( c) Area under other possible projects.-- ( d) Area brought within service of ditches during the year-- ( e) Total area within service of ditches June 30..---- () Irrigated area leased... ( 8) Area irrigated land cultivated by Indians during year-- ( h) Irrigated area owned by whites. ( i) Number of Indians cultivating irrigated land..-- () Irrigable area leased.. ( k) Irrigable area sold.. ( 1) Number of allotments under ditch June 30, current fiscal year... ( m) Number of allotments sold, under ditch June 30, current fiscal year. ( n) Number of Indians benefited by irrigation( exclusive of wages)- 2. Miles of ditches on reservation: ( a) Main.. ( b) Lateral.. ( c) Total... - 2... 5.. a Sum of these figures must equal total area susceptible of irrigation, column( 5), query 1( a).

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