Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1921


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V. — INDUSTRIES Continued. - Indian School. - Reservation. 66. Improvements on Indian lands: Constructed prior to current fiscal year. Constructed during current fiscal year. Dwellings. Log. Frame. Brick. Adobe. Log . Frame. Brick. Adobe. 3 rooms or less.. 4 or 5 rooms.... 6 rooms or more..-- Total.. Barns.. 67. Number of above dwellings occupied by Indiau.. 68. Number of above dwellings occupied by lessees... 69. Water supply: Total sources of water supply existing prior to current fiscal year. Provided during fiscal year. Number Indian families having water supply within mile of Wells. Improved springs. Lakes. Streams. Wells. Improved springs. Wells. Springs. Lakes. Streams. 70. Number sources of water supply contaminated or subject to contamination. 71. Orchards: ------ ALPI--- P1--- Number trces now living which were Apple. Peach. Cherry. Plum. Fig . Planted current fiscal year... Planted previous to current fiscal year- Total.

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