Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1921


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V. — INDUSTRIEI Continued. -- Indian School. Reservation. 18. Persons employed during the year on school, agency, demonstration, and experimentation farms( if a person devoted only part of his time to the farm work, show only that part of his salary chargeable thereto): REGULAR. IRREGULIR. ( 1) Number. Number. TOTAL, Kinds of farms. Balary f the year. W.( 0) Wages for the year. Wages and Number ( a) On school farms ( b) On agency farms. ( c) On demonstration farms. ( d) On experimentation farms. Total...- -- 8880. 19. Toole, agricultural implemente, etc., on hand for use on school, agency, demonstration, and experimentation farms: ON SCHoor Pлвмs. ON AGENCY PARXs. ON DEMONSTRATION FARMS. ON EXPERIMENTATION FARMS. Kinds. ( 1). ( 5) Quantity. vasie. Quantity. ( 4) Value. Quantity. Value . Quantity. Vàlue. ( a) Machines, harvesting and threshing------- ( b) Plowe, harrows, culti vatore, etc.-- ( c) Vehicles, wagons, bug gies, sleighs, etc.---- ( a) Road machinery, scrapers, etc. --- 398 ( e) Harness sets.-- ( f) Hand tools, rakes, shovels, hammers, etc,-- Total value of above... - 50 --- 4404 ( h) Buildings, cellars, etc. ( i) Live stock( draft ani mals)- ( i) Miscellaneous prop erty-------- () Total of g, h, i, and j--- - 1890. - 1000 - 0940.

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