Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1921


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STATISTICAL. Oºo SzoTION IV. – SCHOOLS — Continued. Indian School. - Reservation. Government schools Continued. ( b) Reservation boarding ( 1). Capacity. Total enrollment. 4 ( 3) Average attendance. Loopp- Indian- Seheel ( C) Day None Mission schools: b ( d) Contract boarding None ( e) Noncontract boarding ( E) Noncontract day - Hene Private schools: ( 8) Contract boarding None Public day schools: ( b) Contract or where tuition is paid. -- Pune ( i) Noncontract - Hene ( i) T LL CLASSES OF SCHOOLS.. ----- 160--------- 109---- a Figures in this column must agree with quarterly attendance reports made in accordance with Circular No. 603. b For capacity of mission, private, and public schools, show capacity available for Indian children.

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