Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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STATISTICAL. SECTION X.-- DISTRIBUTION or GovERNMENT PROPERTY- Continued. - Indian School. Leupp. Leupp Reservation. 5. Industries: None, ( 1) Allotting a ( a) Value of camp outfit.. ( b) Value of surveying instruments. ( C) Value of furniture and fixtures.. ( d) Value of live stock.. ( e) Value of wagons and vehicles.. ( f) Value of tools and implementa. ( 8) Value of miscellaneous property..-- ( 4) Total value of all property used for allotting service... ( 2) Irrigation b ( a) Buildings — - number of buildings at total value of. $. 550. 00. ( b) Value of inventory.- 1915. 00. 1. Supplies on hand. 2. Material( lumber, cement, etc.).--- 3. Equipment( plowa, drills, machinery, etc.). ... 915... 00. ( C) Value of telephone equipment- ( d) Value of miscellaneous property. ( e) Total value of property used for irrigation... 1465. 00.. a If data are not available, procure same from allotting agent on reservation. b If data are not available, procure same from engineer in charge of project.

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