Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V.- INDUSTRIES — Continued. Le. pp... . Indian School. -- Lieupp Reservation. 66. Improvements on Indian lande: Constructed prior to current fiscal year. Constructed during current fiscal year. Dwellings. Log. Frame. Brick. Adobe. Log. Frame. Brick. Adobe. 3 rooms or less. 4 or 5 rooms. 6 rooms or more... Total.. Barns... 67. Number of above dwellings occupied by Indians.. 68. Number of above dwellinge occupied by lessees... 69. Water supply: Total sources of water supply existing prior to current fiscal year. Provided during fiscal year. | Number Indian families having water supply within 1 mile of Wells. Improved springs. Lakes. Streams. Wells. Improved springs. Wells. Springs. Lakes. Streams. 20 20 40 - 25 70. Number sources of water supply contaminated or subject to contamination.-- nearly- alir 71. Orchards: Number trees now living which were Apple. Peach. Cherry. Plum. Fig. Planted current fiscal year. Planted previous to current fiscal year- -- None Total..

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